My name is Norma Merla and I am the author of Sarah Unchained

Saarah Unchained – From Victim to Victorious A survival novel that came to life through a very painful, intricate and dynamic process of healing. This story is based on self-experiences.

After a very critical phase in my life, a personal transformation was inevitable. The call to write was almost exploding within me.  Deciding to surrender, by making a lasting impression started to write my first novel.

I read once that dreams are a creative source for stories. I have to say there are many in my brain library.
My writing journey started with memories of childhood’s dreams I would have. The thoughts would remain very vividly, and I would share them with my family. After going through many phases in my life, the desire to help others not go through what I had gone, grew day by day. Life became a compilation of many stories. Often times I’d share while at gatherings, friends would say “You should write a book”
 At first, I was afraid of rejection, a common generational trait for many of us. And it was the same worries and fears that I transmuted by changing the way I thought of the situations. Using the same thoughts as a driving force to reach out and open up not only to the people closest to me but to you and the entire world. Every day, with every step, I grow stronger and use my resources until my steps are firmer, now, here I am!
I am you! and I want to share with you the step by step process that I decided to take. Come with me and find what you can make work for you.
Currently working on more stories, my goal with writing is to share with you that no matter what the circumstance is, we have a choice. We can make it a positive one even when it does not look like it.

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